MYP5 Graduation Ceremony

On 18th October 2018 we celebrated for the 3rd time the graduation of our MYP5 students from last year. This graduation was an important milestone in our students’ lives as they have finished one of the IB programmes: The Middle Years Programme. In June 2018 we had 38 students sitting the exams and with better results than last year, all students received an official IB document with either a certificate or a course outline. 
This year, a group of students who are now in DP1 organized the graduation ceremony as part of a CAS project. They did a great job in making the evening memorable including various speeches as well as a performance by our school band.
During the graduation evening one of our former students of MYP5, Keerthana Umesh, gave a heartwarming speech about her experience of the Middle Years Programme. She remembered the Personal Project, the exams, the e-portfolios and all the skills they acquired throughout the years. She also mentioned how they have all developed as students with the help of their classmates and also their teachers.
Both mentors of MYP5, Ms. Van Etten and Ms. Orlandini, also said a few words and remembered some great Service and Action Project students were involved in, as well as their own experiences in class and the various school trips.  
This graduation has been a fantastic way to celebrate the end of this phase for our MYP 5 students. For most of our students the next phase is the Diploma Programme. We hope and feel that the MYP gave them the right preparation to enter this next stage of their lives!

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