MYP2 IDU visit to Escher museum

On 30th October, MYP 2 went with Ms. Krüger and Mr. Lewin to The Hague to a palace once used  by the Dutch royal family.

On show in the palace was the wonderful, mysterious and even impossible world of Escher. This Dutch artist created prints of animals, birds and fish that flow into each other. He also invented buildings that feature never ending infinity staircases, where you can walk up and down forever, in your imagination.
Escher hated school but in his art he was careful, precise and very mathematical. His images are like computer fractals – but all came from his mind.
MYP2 enjoyed learning more about the intriguing art of Escher. They took many pictures and played round in the interactive section with many maths-orientated art images. 
Mathematics and art may not at first seem to go together but at the Escher museum we saw that this combination is possible and literally wonderful.

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