MYP1 Fundraising for Turkey and Syria

This week the MYP1 students have been working diligently on several fundraising efforts for the people of Türkiye and Syria following the devastating earthquakes that have happened there in the last few weeks.

The MYP1’s have shown an incredible capacity for not only planning and organizing but also compassion. We are so proud of their efforts and could not have done it all without your support. Thank you for all the help and support! The MYP1s baked, cooked a meal, gathered items to be donated, and collected chess boards for the various fundraisers.

We are happy to announce that throughout the course of the week, the MYP1’s were able to raise a total of 635,86 euros for the people of Türkiye and Syria!

A big congratulations to the MYP1’s for their awesome work this week and again, thank you for your kind contributions.

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