ISAlmere International Food Fair 2018

13-Apr-2018 This annual event brings the whole ISAlmere community together in an eclectic celebration of diversity. Each year proves to be at least as successful as the last within our growing population. The food stands comprised of authentic delights from all corners of the world. Around 40 countries from Oceana, Asia, Africa, Europe and North America were represented with beautifully decorated stands brimming with a huge selection of donated food, which simply highlights the dedication and involvement of parents, students and staff.  The students provided an impressive array of fabulous song and dance performances related to these continents that the audience loved. The school was full and vibrant with the ISAlmere community, many in traditional dress, and all thoroughly enjoying the the evening. In addition, we raised over €500 for charity! We thank everyone for their contributions, support, entertainment and also for helping clear up!  

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How to get there

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