Student council

The student council comprises of elected class representatives. The council organises various events in the school year including the Halloween party, Christmas ball, Spirit week, the International Food Fair and the End of year music concert/Barbeque.
This year’s student council president is Elena Ruiz Garcia and Vice President is Toon van der Werf Coorens. Both students are from DP1. The students are supported by teaching staff (advisors): Kyle Lafferty, Matthijs van Hilten and Gigi Lameris.
The other members of the student council are:

Rishaan Fernandez MYP1a
Harsha Chamuduri MYP1b
Ayanna Gariwala MYP2a
Matthew Snodgrass MYP2b
Rihanna Vaz MYP3a
Rudra Sinha MYP3b
Aarush Srivastava MYP4a
Atharva Trivedi MYP4b
Arjun Sharma MYP4c
Vlad Pintelie MYP5a
Mihai Drilea MYP5b
Elena Ruiz Garcia (President) DP1
Toon Van der Werf Coorens (Vice-President) DP1
Nathasha Mncube DP2


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