Diploma Programme Results May 2015 Session

Congratulations to our 2015 Diploma Programme Graduates!


International School Almere community congratulates the students who succeeded in the May 2015 examination session!


With  15 successful students  of 16  registered for the examination session,  the school has a 93.75%  pass rate. The highest diploma points awarded was 43. This was a top score.

Our students obtained, in average, 30.34 points. 


The Diploma Programme has reputation for its high academic standards, preparing students to become responsible citizens of the world. The Diploma awarded at the end of the two years programme is a passport to universities all over the world.


The students who succeeded in getting their Diploma  are enrolled in universities or HBO schools, in The Netherlands or abroad as VU Amsterdam-International Business& Administration, Biomedische Wetenschappen, TU Delft – Mechanical Engineering, Molecular Science, Universiteit van Amsterdam – Scheikunde,  Communication Science, West University Glasgow- Fashion Design, Hoge School Amsterdam-Ergotherapie and many others.


We wish our graduates a bright fruitful future and know that they will continue to have a personal touch in a sustainable enviornment!

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