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The subjects offered in the Middle Years Programme at the International School Almere are:

Language A:
English Language and Literature
Dutch Language and Literature
Language B:
English Language Acquisition
Dutch Language Acquisition
Spanish Language Acquisition (MYP1)
French Language Acquisition (MYP1)
Spanish/French Language Acquisition (MYP2-MYP5)
Integrated Individuals and societies
Integrated Sciences
Mathematics MYP1-MYP3
Mathematics Standard/Extended MYP4- MYP5
Arts and Product Design:
Theatre MYP1-MYP3
Music MYP1-MYP3
Visual Arts MYP1-MYP3
Product Design MYP1-MYP3
Theatre / Music / Visual Arts / Product Design MYP4-MYP5
Physical and Health Education (MYP1-MYP5)

Introduction to MYP1-3 ~ ISA
Introduction to MYP4-5 ~ ISA
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