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The subjects below are an updated list of subjects that will be offered at the Diploma Programme for the school year 2020-2021 onwards.
Group 1:
English Language and Literature SL/HL
Dutch Language and Literature SL/HL
Self-taught Language Literature SL
English Language Acquisition SL/HL
Dutch Language Acquisition SL/HL
Spanish Language Acquisition SL/HL
French Language Acquisition SL/HL
Dutch ab initio SL (new)
Spanish ab initio SL (only if there are sufficient number of students who take the course)
Group 3:
History SL/HL
Global Politics SL/HL (new)
Business Management SL/HL
Economics SL /HL
Environmental systems and societies SL
Group 4:
Biology SL/HL
Chemistry SL/HL
Physics SL/HL
Environmental systems and societies SL
Group 5:
Maths AA -(Analysis and Approaches) SL/HL
Math AI – (Applications and interpretations) SL/HL
Group 6:
Visual Arts SL/HL


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